Thursday 7 May 2020

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#BookBlitz :: The Songbirds by Alif ~ @Alif70908170

~ Book Blitz ~
The Songbirds by Alif  

About the Book:
The Songbirds is a literary tale that goes to the heart of what’s ailing today’s world and tries to find the answers to our most pressing questions.

Amidst poetry and the innocence of youth, the love story of Kasim and Sumera sprouts in the romantic settings of Bada Ghar, the mystical house of a long-gone but not forgotten poet, Bulbul Baba, their mutual ancestor. To carve a better future for Sumera and himself, Kasim migrates West. But, once there, an increasingly westernised Kasim begins to see his for love for Sumera as taboo. So, instead, he tries to find fulfilment in London, forcefully burying his love.

However, with time, Kasim realises that the West doesn’t have the answers he is looking for and his yearning for Sumera returns, becoming stronger than ever, but a huge barrier now stands between them. Not only that, but time could also be running out because, back home, Sumera has gone on to become a fiery blogger over controversial issues, earning herself many enemies, possibly one too many.

“A meditation on love’s complicated intimacies... A stunning literary tale!”

To the free bird in all of us...

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Read some Snippets from The Songbirds

~ Snippet 1 ~

We walked back to the shore hand in hand. She was too delicate to lie down on the beach sand, so I did and she lied on top of me, the moon behind her.

I have been yearning for your poetry; it’s been a long time,” I said.

“That’s because I haven’t written one in a long time.”

“Say something tonight, even if you have to make one up.”

“Hmm,” she said, picking up a handful of beach sand, before reciting:

“The grains of sand slip through my fingers,
But I capture the memories, just as many,
And on them my mind lingers.”

~ Snippet 2 ~

With the memories, came also the regret. With a sigh, I walked towards the balcony, opened its doors and walked out. One lone red-whiskered bulbul, which had been feeding on the birdseed, took flight upon seeing me, but not before it had chirped its trademark call: “Pleased to meet you”.

“Come back, Sumera!” I called out on instinct, but she kept flying, eventually disappearing behind the temple’s tower.

I kept standing there and remembering our moments in the balcony; the time she had pressed her cheek to mine when attempting to show me her friend’s house where she had practised dance.

“Yes, I see it now,” I whispered as I felt the memory of her warmth on my cheek.

Download a copy on 8th or 9th May!

About the Author:
I write because silence is not an option. At the same time, my novels brim with hope in addition to having a riveting plot. My debut novel, which was published by a boutique publisher in Europe some years ago, was seen to be refreshing.

My recent novel Guns and Saffron has received exceptionally good reviews on Amazon, NetGalley and Goodreads saying that it is addictive, fresh and enlightening. The Songbirds, a literary tale, is my latest novel.

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  1. Hi Deb - this sounds an interesting book ... I'll make a note to check it out later on. I've added it to my Kindle ... thank you - Hilary