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#ReleaseDayBlitz :: Ruin of the Scarred (Sting of Love #1) by Medha Nagur - #HistoricalRomance #RuinOfTheScarred @NagurMedha

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Bidisha, a 17-year-old braveheart, has lived all her life in hiding since she is the daughter of the most wanted woman in Bishnupur. In the calm of the British Raj, Bidisha embarks on the quest to free her mother from the false accusation. But for that, she needs to challenge the royals who dare not stand against the British.
And when she enters the palace, she encounters the power-hungry Yuvaraja Trinabh and his twisted mother, the Rani Maa. Rani Maa despises her dutiful but meek step-son Yuvaraja Prabir and his hound Debesh Das, a Yodha who is his master’s protector. And so, she assigns Bidisha a job to spy.
But hearts entwine, and love meddles their path in the most unpredictable and adventurous ways.
Furthermore, things become dicey when Bidisha slits off her lover’s thumb, the Yuvaraja himself. Her dream to live free becomes a farfetched nightmare as her hiding in the jungle is not an option anymore.
When the deadly romance and the moral complexity are only a superficial part of the deep-rooted dark conspiracy, will Bidisha survive her sinking ground?
Will she emerge a warrior, save her own heart and win her love?
Or, will she succumb to the royal politics, lose her mother and lose herself too?

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Read an Excerpt from Ruin of the Scarred

‘Don’t be under the impression that you are an exception because you saved my life,’ Rani Durga Moni Devi continued. ‘Didn’t I tell you yesterday that you need to be at least clean if not anything else? But look at you.’

Bidisha’s forehead scrunched even as she fisted her hands part in disappointment in herself and part in anger towards the man who was responsible for her current state. Bidisha looked at the man before her in annoyance. Her anger amplified when he gave her a smug smile even as the queen continued her tirade. 

Nobody had ever spoken to her like that. Though Bidisha had encountered rude men and women, she had always taught them a lesson if they crossed the line she had drawn. Bidisha was already having a one-on-one combat with Rani Durga Moni Devi in her mind and was mincing the queen with her sword in her world. She smiled at her thoughts, hiding her face when, in their imaginary battle, Rani Maa fell carrying her huge body weight. 

Suddenly, a pair of legs appeared before her and she knew instantly that it was none other than the mysterious man. Bidisha lifted her head.  

‘Did he see me smiling? This is not good. I should have been more careful before mocking the queen.’

The man took her in from top to bottom, then stretched a hand and moved her out of his way. He then walked out of Rani Maa’s chamber as if nothing had happened. The huge man in black was not only mysterious and rude but was also indecent, she concluded. 

Bidisha felt a flash of irritation and she glared at his retreating form. Her first mission, she thought, would be to dig out all the information she could about that man, once she got into the palace. 

About the Author:
Medha Nagur is anything but a stereotypical homemaker, at home full time but with a pen all the time!
A freelance blogger by profession in her past life, she was on her maternity break when she started writing fiction. Medha considers herself a chronic creative aficionado who loves painting and writing.
Once a lecturer in Science College, where she gave lectures in Computer Science soon after her Masters, was fascinated by the blog world and realized her love for the words and took up writing full time.
She is also at her creative best when it comes to cooking innovative dishes to cater to the needs of her 11-year-old son, 4-year-old daughter, and not to mention her epicure husband. Get a glimpse of her culinary art on Instagram.
A music lover who likes to hit the floor on Zumba numbers is also a fashion enthusiast (like any woman on this planet!).
She wants to be in the womb of nature when it comes to holidays, embracing its warmth, which she believes is a gift to mankind.
All in all, she is born to collect laughs and make a relentless commitment to love so that she can enjoy life in abundance.

Medha on the Web:
Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Amazon

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Thursday 10 March 2022

2022 : Summer of Transformation - #2022SoT #SummerOfTransformation #YouthWorkshop @ItsaWoWlifeMB

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When youngsters learn from real life heroes, real life stories and inspirations, the learning doesn't just become a part of their knowledge bank, but their life.

2022: Summer of Transformation by the Breakthrough team... bestselling author Megha Bajaj, tedx speakers, and role models from across India is a camp like never before!

Its empowering thousands already. Is your youngster going to be a part of this transformation at an unbelievable investment too?!!!

Limited spots, so register today!

Thursday 3 March 2022

#ReleaseDayBlitz :: Rudrabaan (Cursed Elements) by Nitya Neelakantan - #Mythology #MagicalRealism @YoganushasanamN

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A café owner who is haughty and entitled. An event planner who is earnest and acquiescent. A curse that was cast an eternity ago…

Shruthakeerthi Urs aka. Shruti is the client from hell. Jaideep Rai is the hot new event planner who bring out the shrew in Shruti. Tempers fly and egos clash even as they attempt to work together on an event.
Fate brings them face to face again when they both sign up for the same Jungle Challenge adventure, traversing the mountains and forests of the Western Ghats of India. Forced to work together they snarl and spar at every given chance, refusing to admit that they may be hankering for something amorous with the other…a simmering undercurrent of passion!
And what happens when one of them is cursed? Can they put aside their differences and come together to break a curse that has sounded the death knell for generations of one of their families? Amidst surprise revelations, mystic mendicants, and repressed memories, can the two work out the pieces of the puzzle that can break the curse?
Will Shruti and Jaideep survive this epic adventure and find love, or will they remain ships passing in the night…
Rudrabaan is an adventure filled story peppered with magical realism and hued with some regular hate to love drama.

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Read an Excerpt from Rudrabaan

Shruti looked into his eyes to see if she could read anything. There was a storm of emotions looking back at her from those liquid-brown eyes. Shruti leaned forward. Jaideep lowered his head. His hair was a mess as it fell to his face, and he shook his head to get it out of his eyes. It was as if he had words on his lips that refused to spill when he opened his mouth.
‘What is it, Jaideep?’
‘It’s nothing, you’ve to believe me.’ He wanted to tell Shruti about the mendicant and his prophetic words, but he couldn’t bring himself to say it. ‘Now how are we going to get out from here?’ he said instead. He smiled a forced and toothy smile to make her believe.
‘Ok, you see that?’ she pointed her torch at the dark wall of the cave somewhere to their left. 
‘What am I seeing?’
‘Well, there is a crawl space there that will get us out of this chamber.’
She thought she saw his eyes widen for a moment. She wondered why.
‘I was too afraid to go down that,’ he admitted, reading her mind. ‘You are so brave.’
‘It might be very tricky considering your chest wounds and your injured leg. But it was large enough to crawl through.’
Jaideep nodded with an inert look of resignation. Shruti helped him up and was busy picking up all their stuff when he grabbed her just above the elbow. 
There was a faint crackling noise in the cave. 
‘What is that sound?’ Shruti asked, sounding hopeful. Maybe someone was drilling through the cave walls, looking for them? 
Jaideep’s eyes narrowed, and the corner of his lip turned down as he pulled Shruti and twirled her around; he was pointing at the place where she had shone her torchlight a heartbeat ago. 
Shruti’s heart stopped beating for a moment or more. There were sparkles of light near the mouth of the tunnel and the crackling became louder. Within seconds, it became a loud buzzing noise like that of a hundred angry bees. 
Shruti dropped everything she was holding and rubbed her eyes. There was no way this was happening to her in a rational and scientific world. 
‘You’re seeing this, right?’ she managed to whisper.
Jaideep started limping towards the tunnel. ‘No!’ Shruti caught him by the wrist and held him tight. Jaideep turned to look at Shruti. She looked scared, he looked determined. 
Both of them blurted the words simultaneously: ‘There is something I need to tell you!’ 
Even as they looked at each other and back at the sparkles, it self-combusted into smoke and in its place was an arrow! A flaming arrow!

About the Author:

Nitya Neelakantan is a writer and yoga teacher from Bangalore. She has three paperback novels that are awaiting publication with Rupa Publications and Readomania. 
Nitya graduated with a degree in Hotel Management before moving into the learning space as a technical trainer and then a soft skills trainer. Her writing and yoga journey began simultaneously as she hung up her corporate boots in exchange for more time with her two and four-legged family. 
When not teaching or reading, Nitya enjoys travelling with her husband, son, and two fluffy dog-babies.  She is an amateur blogger who is also passionate about composting, slow fashion, and conscious living.

Keep in touch with Nitya:

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