Sunday 25 March 2018

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#TourAnnouncement :: Lycenea (The Brotherhood of Merlin #2) by Rory D.Nelson

About the Book:

The Brotherhood of Merlin: Book Two – Lycenea: Merlin returns to his township of Lycenea, a hero, victorious over the tyrant King of Visi-Gaul, Jason. Unfortunately, his celebration is short-lived. Turmoil brews in the land. The interloper, Herod Antipaz, who manipulated Jason into invading Gilleon over mine rights, still plots against Gilleon. Merlin suspects who the interloper is but has no proof.
Merlin’s task of unmasking and exposing him is made even more difficult. Why? Herod is cloaked behind the powerful sorceress, Morgana. Together, they plot to eliminate the Brotherhood and usurp King Menelaeus.

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About the Author:
Author Rory D Nelson is an accomplished actor and has been seen in several high school productions of “Oedipus Rex,” “My Fair Lady,” and “Little Shop of Horrors.” He owns a window cleaning business in the Sacramento area, enjoys wine tasting, snowboarding, traveling and working out. Rory D Nelson is an eclectic and prolific writer, having written numerous comedy skits, commercial parodies, and ghost-written many humorous t-shirts. He has the most unusual imagination of any fantasy author, since he also brings his deranged sense of humor into play in his books.

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