Friday 9 April 2021

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#ReleaseDayBlitz :: Bovine Tricks (Royals Gone Rogue #1) by Seelie Kay - #Romance #Suspense @seeliekay


About the Book:

Lady Annabelle Trask is missing. Unfortunately, MISix doesn’t know if they’re looking for a woman, a cow, or something in between!

Is it real or is it fantasy? That’s the question MISix Agent Mathilda Honoria Spencer struggles with on her latest assignment. Tasked with discovering the whereabouts of Lady Annabelle Trask, Tillie is thrust into the world of Hucows and other human animals. It’s a world that raises serious questions about sexual fetishes, intentional physical enhancements, and even pornography, but in the end, Tillie has only one mission—to rescue and return Lady Annabelle to the Queen. However, as she and her partner, Agent Abdul Ali, attempt to find Lady Annabelle and keep her out of the clutches of terrorists bent on destroying the monarchy, they must also wrestle with their feelings for each other. Can they draw the line between their duty to the Crown and their relationship with one another? Or must they embark on separate paths to continue to serve the Queen?

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Read an Excerpt from Bovine Tricks

They won the auction for Lady Annabelle, barely. 

Anders turned off his phone and frowned. “The number I was given to arrange for pickup has been disconnected.”

Dianna sighed. “And the auction has been expunged from the Dark Web. It appears Lady Annabelle’s owners have taken a powder, with Lady Annabelle in tow.” She gazed at Tillie. “Did they withdraw any funds from your Black Card?”

Tillie nodded. “The full amount. They got their money. Almost two million U.S. dollars. Why take a runner?”

Anders shrugged. “We had no guarantee they would deliver Lady Annabelle. Hell, they might not even have her. It could all have been a scam. It’s not like we can run to the police and report this. We’re not dealing with upstanding citizens here. They are criminals.” He nudged his wife. “At least Dianna can get your money back.”

Tillie buried her head in her hands. “What am I to tell Her Majesty?”

“Nothing, yet,” Anders said. “Let’s have some of my people check out Abernathy Farms in the U.S. Maybe we can find her and snatch her back on our own. Unfortunately, given the nature of the other bidders, I’m pretty sure we’re not the only ones looking for her, and that worries me. Especially with The Mars back in the picture. We narrowly beat out their bid.”

Several years prior, The Mars, short for Marwolaeth I’r Frenhines or Death to the Monarchy, hijacked a plane with several high-profile Americans on board. They had used Chinese technology to cloak the plane, making it invisible to radar and other tracking systems. Eventually, the plane was buried in a Wisconsin cornfield, the passengers still alive and in their seats. Dianna and Anders had been among those who rescued them, shortly before The Mars blew up the plane. 

Dianna gazed at him. “I thought most of The Mars were still at Guantanamo.”

Anders shook his head. “Apparently, some of them have been released. The minor players.” He sighed. “When will we learn that with terrorists, there are no minor players. Everyone has the potential to become the next Bin Laden. What I want to know is where they got their money. We bankrupted them. They must have a new backer.”

“Which makes them dangerous, again.” Dianna shook her head sadly. “On the plus side, we know what they look like. We can pick them out in a crowd. On the negative side, they know what we look like. We won’t be of much help there. We’re better off finding Abernathy and taking it from there.” She gazed at Tillie. “But this is your case. We don’t need to be involved. It’s totally up to you.” She grabbed Ander’s hand. “I am perfectly happy heading out for my second honeymoon.”

Tillie steepled her fingers. “This is my assignment. I am authorized to do whatever it takes to bring it to a successful conclusion. However, as you can imagine, this is a rather sensitive mission. If word of this leaks out, it could have a serious impact on the Monarchy. So, the fewer people involved the better.”

About Seelie Kay:

Award-winning author Seelie Kay writes about lawyers in love, sometimes with a dash of kink.

Writing under a nom de plume, the former lawyer and journalist draws her stories from more than 30 years in the legal world. Seelie’s wicked pen has resulted in nineteen works of fiction, including the new paranormal romance series Donovan Trait, as well the erotic romance Kinky Briefs series and The Feisty Lawyers romantic suspense series. She also authored The Last Christmas, The Garage Dweller, A Touchdown to Remember, The President’s Wife, The President’s Daughter, Seizing Hope, The White House Wedding, and participated in the romance anthology Pieces of Us.

When not spinning romantic tales, Seelie ghostwrites nonfiction for lawyers and other professionals. Currently, she resides in a bucolic exurb outside Milwaukee, WI, where she enjoys opera, the Green Bay Packers, gourmet cooking, organic gardening, and an occasional bottle of red wine. 

Seelie is an MS warrior and ruthlessly battles the disease on a daily basis. Her message to those diagnosed with MS: Never give up. You define MS, it does not define you!

Seelie on the Web:
Website * Blog * Twitter * Facebook * Instagram * Author's Amazon Page

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