Saturday 31 October 2015

# Tour Announcement

#TourAnnouncement :: Michael's Mystery by Linze Brandon

About the Book:

Michael went to investigate the serial murders allegedly committed by the Grandmaster of Kryane. Andesine knew she was different and had a lot more to hide than her abilities. As their attraction grew, so did their suspicions that the real reason for the murders were not as simple as people believed. They soon learned that there was a plan in place that did not only endanger their lives, but the lives of every living being in the four dimensions.

About the Author:
Teaching herself to read before she went to school, it was the start of her life long love affair with books. Trained as an engineer, Linzé has worked as an export consultant and is presently a project manager. Although she still loves to read, she also enjoys counted stitch embroidery, archery, tai chi, fly fishing, painting, her husband's medal winning photographs and watching Manchester United play.

She counts both novels and short stories to her publishing credit. Her fourth novel, Waiting for Adrian, is planned for publication early in 2016. Her story, The Vernal Equinox, was a finalist in a sci-fi flash-fiction competition in 2015.

Linzé Brandon lives in Pretoria, South Africa, with her engineer husband and German Shepherds who are convinced that the world revolves only around them.

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