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#TourSchedule :: That Autumn in Awadh by Rachna Singh

Young, impetuous and drawn to each other like gnats to resin, Samar Solanki and Sara Shergill try, furiously, to avoid falling in love, but, slowly succumb. All hell breaks loose as Samar’s conservative Rajput family swears vendetta, locking Samar away, on the eve of their clandestinely-planned wedding. They vow to eliminate Sara, the audacious girl who has dreamt of sullying their pedigreed lineage, from Samar’s life. Through that lonely autumn in Awadh, bereft of hope, fettered and helpless, the star-crossed lovers cling to the faith they have in each other, as they brave many storms together. This novel about love is peppered, generously, with the author’s characteristic droll wit as it traipses through sensational turns of events that keep you absorbed till the very end.

A Volcano: Vivid, Violent and Valliant

‘That Autumn in Awadh’ is like a volcano – two tectonic plates in conflict with each other,  a molten lava chamber that seethes and smoulders within…the eruption is destructive, but in some strange way, so spellbinding, entrancing. It’s a love story with the pace of a thriller and the humour of a comedy.
For me, writing is not just a creative outlet. It has to be more than that. I have been in the corporate world for almost two decades and it’s been drilled into me that that the customer is paramount. I write from my reader’s perspective. I want every line to grip the reader’s imagination.
I write in my comfort zone : relationships and humour. In this novel too, there is dark humour as well as frothy workplace humour.
My characters are well-etched, defined, balanced and easy to identify with. When I am building a character, I am, constantly, exploring those illogical, contradictory, good and evil dimensions that create a real human being.
For me, it is just not enough for the reader to ‘feel with the story’ – I aim for his or her appetite to be nudged so, that they demand for more.
The response to the book is tremendous, and I am happy I could make my readers happy.
‘It’s droll, it’s witty. The author handled the tension well. I never knew that a theme like that of honour killing could be dealt with humour.’ – A review.

About the Author:
Rachna Singh writes in the areas of humour, love, and organizational development. She believes in living in the moment, cherishing life as it comes, and reaping the most of every moment.
Born and schooled in Allahabad, Rachna studied at St. Mary’s Convent and, subsequently, at the University of Allahabad. She inherits her wicked humor from her father, Ajit Thakurdas, and her love for writing from her mother, Kamalini Thakurdas, who writes in poetry and prose in Hindi.
Rachna has worked in the area of Learning and Organizational Development for almost two decades. She has worked at Tata Motors, Infosys, Spice Telecom and Dell.
Married to Alok, alumni, IT-BHU(Meta, ’93), and IIM-Lucknow(’98), Rachna has two children, Aisha and Prithviraj.

The author plans to continue writing, across genres, giving her readers something new to relish, each time.

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